Sunday, July 5, 2009

More bombs post 4th of July

Wow, I went out and bombed hard tonight at the Comedy Store in La Jolla. I should've picked up early enough that my material wasn't very strong, especially the stuff that I lead off with. I also should've gone with the joke sequence that I dreamed about the night before. I'm hoping to have those jokes ready by Saturday.

These were what made it out tonight: Michigan/California (bomb), old friends compliments (bomb), 2009 is a banner year for death (mega bomb), Oops I had jokes I just forgot them all, Obama hasn't scared away the people I wanted him to (this went well, too bad I was just getting good when I ran out of time). And that was that. Still finding my voice, and I'm still loving it.

This time I made a conscious effort to play by the rules and use comic etiquette.